Star Wars : The Force Awakens Behind The Scenes Clips – Walt Disney Pictures

Ahead of the release of Star Wars : The Force Awakens Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on april 5th, Walt Disney Pictures and Lucas Film via Star Wars UK and WSJ  have released two  clips behind the scenes look that will be included in the bonus package. Since the film released last December, Star Wars : The Force Awakens had becomes the top box office champion in recent years. Regardless of the recent leak of the film, for the true collectors and Star Wars fans, this is just another must have and perhaps plenty of easter eggs for the next instalment of the Star Wars Saga. the first clip show actor Daisy Ridley’s audition tape and the second clip show John Boyega first time reaction to Millennium Falcon as any Star Wars fan would. You can pre-order your copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens here.


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