Spotify seems ready to take on Beats and Apple

With Apple set to release a new and improved Beats Music, Spotify has went on the offensive! Apparently, Spotify was tired of the bullying ways that Apple has used as far as talking to record labels into getting rid of the free tier on streaming services such as Spotify. Apple will apparently announce what is actually new and improved with Beats Music next month. In the meantime, Spotify went ahead and did something to draw in as much business before Apple or the Beats Music revamp can hit the world wide web, it has placed it’s premium services on sale! For new customers or free users who have never tried Spotify’s premium tier before, the company is offering a huge 97% discount for the first three months of premium service. That means that for just $0.99, you can enjoy three full months of premium Spotify service. After that, you’ll be bumped up to the normal $9.99 monthly rate. Spotify’s free services is good enough. The only problems with said free service, of course, is the ads and the fact that you can’t listen to music on-demand on mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet.

The only thing I’ll say to this, when there’s competition in the market, prices usually go down and the one side of everything who usually gains an advantage is usually the consumer. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out Spotify’s offer!

  • Robert

    This is why I hate Apple. They want to control everything.