Special look at Avengers: Age of Ultron

Oh man look at this bad boy…it just keeps getting better and better. See the video below:

Thor making fun of everyone for not being worthy is pretty freaking funny!!

  • veeru789

    Darn! That was awesome.

  • Rev Grim

    I’m so looking forward to this! I wanna know the Hulk Vs Hulk buster armour outcome! I do have a theory on that…

    • veeru789

      Obviously it’s going to be a draw

      • I don’t think it’s Tony Stark in the suit, if it is then he doesn’t have control over the suit…

        • Spade

          Why would it not be him? The sole purpose of that armor is to fight the hulk or hulk powered enemies… hence the name hulbuster

          • Because Ultron has taken over somehow… making Iron Man a ‘Puppet’

            • undbiter65

              I don’t think that’s what he meant with “puppets.” And Stark built Ultron.

              • But it would be an interesting twist, Ultron saying he’s no longer the puppet but the others now are his puppets…

    • undbiter65

      The Hulk HAS to win!