Someone Has Been Keeping Secrets from Reverend Grim!

1338544409_Death-Metal-2Hello there my fellow rockin’ metal heads! I hope you have the volume cranked up to 11 (or higher if possible) and super-glued it there for this post!

That’s right, someone has been keeping secrets!

As you know from reading my first few articles here, my musical taste is fairly diverse BUT it always comes back to a bit of hard hitting, drum smashing, bass bashing, guitar grinding riffs… you can’t beat a bit of ROCK!

I have been a little surprised recently with a few of my new followers on that twitty bird thing, people with some rather large groups of followers have started following me, your very own Rev. Grim!

One of these new followers… Well, over the last few days my poor PC’s speakers have had some abuse with the volume control, as soon as I heard the opening riff to ‘Set in Stone’ I instantly went back to my early rock days, ‘Royal Hunt’ jumped to mind straight away… then a little Queensryche… I like this, I like this a LOT!

LORD – Set in Stone.

How good is that? As the last few days have gone on I’ve listened to more LORD on YouTube and I’ve started feeling that little spark you get when something new comes along that reminds you of the days when the hair was long and your cares were free… That little thing that ignites when you find, I don’t know, your first gig t-shirt from that Maiden concert back in ’89… You know what I’m saying, excitement over the music you love. Hearing these guys was great and got me thinking about the music I may have been missing out on the last few years, so, thanks for the wake up call and renewing my new found love of REAL music!

Enough of that though, who are LORD?

No, not the teenage pop singer from New Zealand. And no, not the band that dresses up as monsters from Finland. There may be no extra “e” or “i” in the name, but LORD is certainly not lacking anything where it counts the most.

They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression, but this is a band that never cared much for “the way things ought to be.” (Taken from

LORD are a heavy metal band from Wollongong, Australia. The group began as a solo project for “Lord Tim” Grose of Dungeon in 2003 and expanded into a complete band when Dungeon broke up in 2005. They have released three albums and an EP to date. Lord has appeared with major acts that include Queensrÿche, Nightwish, Nevermore, Saxon and Gamma Ray.

Between 1988 and 2000, Dungeon singer/guitarist and founding member “Lord Tim” Grose had collected a number of compositions he felt were either too personal to submit to the band or inappropriate for its style. In 2003, he collected these songs on an album called A Personal Journey that was issued under the name Lord. At the end of 2005, Dungeon came to an end and Lord became a band featuring Grose and drummer Tim Yatras (also of Dungeon), along with guitarist Mav Stevens and bass player Andrew Dowling from Brisbane metal band Sedition. Yatras has also been a member of several black metal bands including Nazxul, Austere and Battalion. A Personal Journey was re-mastered and released to mark the occasion.

Footsteps in The Sand – Track 2 from the album ‘A Personal Journey’

Lord performed their first live show on 31 March 2006. The group launched a national tour within months and before the end of the year had opened for Queensrÿche, Nevermore, Gamma Ray, Leaves Eyes, Atrocity and Skinless, and appeared at the final Metal for the Brain festival. On 23 December 2006, it was announced that guitarist Stevens would be leaving the band for personal reasons and would be relocating to the United Kingdom. Shane Linfoot of Sydney band Transcending Mortality filled in as a live guitarist in early 2007 but due to both bands’ hectic schedules, Linfoot departed to be replaced by FromBeyond guitarist Mark Furtner, originally in a temporary capacity but his addition was made permanent in December 2007. Furtner’s work had already appeared on the August 2007 album Ascendence. Chris Brooks also contributed guest guitars by way of the solos in “Rain” and “Through the Fire”.

Going Down – Track 3 from the album ‘Ascendence’

The band toured the Australian east coast with Saxon in May 2008. After this Lord began working on a third album. The EP “Hear No Evil” appeared in late 2008, featuring two new songs, live tracks and a cover of Kylie Minogue’s “On a Night Like This”. The Set in Stone album was released in September 2009 and included guest contributions from Craig Goldy of Dio, Glen Drover of Eidolon, Pete Lesperance of Harem Scarem, Angra’s Felipe Andreoli, Vanishing Point’s Chris Porcianko, Justin Sayers from Platinum Brunette, Chris Brooks, and Stu Marshall of Paindivision. Lord completed wide-scale touring of Australia, New Zealand and Japan in 2009.

On A Night Like This – cover of Kylie Minogue’s “On a Night Like This” Bonus Track from ‘Set in Stone’

In June 2009, Tim Yatras left the band and was replaced by Damian Costas from Sydney band Vanquish. During January 2010, Lord Tim announced that a medical condition had severely restricted his guitar-playing and was advised to take at least six months off from playing guitar. Temporary guitarist, Matthew Bell, filled in during his recovery.

In September 2010, LORD released the “Return of the Tyrant” EP which featured a ten minute long orchestrated title track and six unplugged versions of Dungeon and LORD songs, with a playing time of nearly an hour.

New Horizons (Unplugged) From ‘Return of The Tyrant’

So… Not a teenage girl? Or a group of monsters? No. But possibly Australias best-kept heavy metal secret. Now with a rich history and an impressive back catalog, maybe some secrets shouldn’t just be left to the whispers of the underground.

The truth is out there if you only know where to listen.

So that’s the secret that’s been kept from me!

The big question now is whats next for LORD?

Well, with Damian Costas leaving the band to get married  and I suppose get a job and the other ‘REAL LIFE’ stuff (it come to us all!) there will no doubt be auditions for a new drummer, in the meantime Simon Batley  will be stepping in and Tim Yatras will be guesting on a special release they have happening this year.

This year they will be embarking of a huge recording / restoration project that both celebrates the 25th anniversary of Dungeon and seeks to tie both LORD and Dungeon eras of the band together. Not much more has been said about that at this point but I’m sure its going to be a mammoth task but well worth the wait… and the listen too!

Tour date will be released soon for an Australian tour, at the time of writing this the only date so far is 23rd May at the Perth Civic Hotel but  more dates will be added I’m sure.

So there you have it guys, LORD… Don’t forget, you can’t take YouTube out in the car with you so shoot over to the LORD website and get the albums there!


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