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Regardless of which political spectrum you stand on, Edward Snowden is one of the most compelling figure in recent history. For the reason that the world is fully rely on communication technology, where nations are engaging in cyber warfare, corporations are vulnerable to data raiding. Even a regular folks are subject to harassment from government surveillance or individual hacker for financial gain. The subject of  personal privacy and security is the topic of today that will be hotly debated in the unforeseeable future. In 2013 without prior authorization, Snowden a former CIA employee, former NSA contract employee decided to leak classified information from the NSA that exposes the unethical practise of the US government against its citizens as well as global governments and global citizens. From his journey of escaping the US authorities and how he ended up seeking asylum in Russia is a story only Hollywood could imagine. There was even speculation of  the attempt of his life by the US government which was denied by the White House. A documentary of his story was made Citizen Four, a very compelling film. It is not a surprise to see Edward Snowden film be made and with heavy weights behind the film too. Snowden the film is directed by three-time Academy Awards winner Oliver Stone (Born On the 4th of July, Platoon and Midnight Express as screen writer). The script which Stone also has a hand in is base on the books of his co-writers Luke Harding, a foreign correspondent British journalist, The Snowden Files : The Inside Story Of The World Most Wanted Man and Anatoly Kucherena ‘s Time of The Octopus. Kucherena is a Russian attorney, public figure, professor and Doctor of Law that represented Snowden interest in Russia Federation. Joseph Gordon Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Don Jon) pick up the role of Edward Snowden. Shailene Woodley (Divergent franchise) as Linsey Mills, Snowden girlfriend. Other cast includes Nicholas Cage (Leaving Last Vegas, Face Off, Moonstruck), Scott Eastwood (Suicide Squad, Fury, Diablo), Zachary Quinto ( Star Trek franchise), Timothy Olyphant ( Deadwood series, Justified series), Melissa Leo (The Big Short, London Has Fallen) and Tom Wilkinson (Selma, The Lone Ranger). Snowden is set to premiere in theatres September 16th.


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  • Robert

    Now this is a movie I’m definitely going to watch.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Ha! With Oliver Stone and Joseph Gordon Levitt, I’m sold.