Smoking Pointless with the “little Pac-Man” bacteria that eats nicotine!

Scripps Research Institute is working on using the Pseudomonas putida bacteria in the search for a cure for tobacco addiction. The “little Pac-Man” bacteria as they refer, consumes all the nicotine it can find and stops it reaching the brain.

This enzyme that ‘eats nicotine like Pac-Man’ could pave the way for a promising, new anti-smoking therapy, scientists claim. Recent study found that the molecule was able to reduce the time, significantly, that nicotine remains in the bloodstream.

The tests are looking promising and if continues we can expect a prescribed drug in a few years that will allow to block nicotine from reaching the brain and stop the stimulation, no matter how much you smoke. Smoking will become pointless if the will power to quit fails.


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