Six Feet Under 15 Anniversary Marathon On HBO

One of the best series ever grace our television screen is Six Feet Under. That was 15 years ago when it debuted on HBO. Viewers spend 5 seasons with the Fisher families and their love ones. The story center on the Fisher families who own a funeral home in Los Angeles. It begins with the death of the patriarch Nathaniel(Richard Jenkins) that causes the eldest son Nate(Peter Krause) to return home to face the family he was trying to avoid. A daze mother Ruth(Francis Conroy), an uptight brother David (Michael C. Hall) and a rebellious sister Claire (Lauren Ambrose). Other cast includes Rachel Griffiths, Jeremy Sisto, Mathew St. Patrick and Freddy Rodriquez. All in all a stellar cast that raise the already well written scripts to another level. Many of the actors have done great works before and after the series. One of the thing I enjoy about the show is the opening of each episode with a victim of some tragic death that becomes the Fisher’s client. It cannot said enough that the season finale ending was the best and most emotionally satisfying of any series ever. Six Feet Under is created by Alan Ball(Banshee, True Blood, Towelhead, American Beauty). In honor of the 15 anniversary, HBO2 is running the entire 65 episodes series marathon back to back from 11pm Thursday June 2nd till 12.20 pm Sunday June 5th.

Check out the trailer and the first five minutes of the first episode.


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