Science Teacher Suspended For Using Cell Phone Jammer

Dean Liptak
Dean Liptak

Cellphone use is becoming increasingly harder to control. Distracted drivers, for example, are a common hazard while on the road. One group of professionals that has to deal with uncontrolled cell phone usage on an almost daily basis are teachers. In fact, one teacher was so fed up with teens being on their cell phones constantly he took the law into his own hands.

Schools have differing cell phone policies as well as different punishments if you are caught on your cell phone. Some schools will confiscate your cell phone for the remainder of the class period and others for the entire day. Science teacher Dean Liptak decided to nip the problem in the bud. Liptak purchased a jamming device which cuts off all cell service in the vicinity and peace reigned in his classroom. At least for a while.

The teacher’s bliss came to an end when a Verizon representative appeared at the school claiming someone was jamming cell service. According to Cnet Deans defense was that:

He reportedly believed that the jammer would only affect his classroom. He allegedly said that he even talked to a law enforcement officer who told him that jammers were only illegal if used with unpleasant intentions.”

Liptak was suspended five days without pay, with parents firmly believing the punishment should’ve been more severe. Parents said what he did was terrible as, for example, what would’ve happened if their had been a gunman at school. A valid concern, but still issue of cell phone abuse in school remains.

Is Dean Liptak hero or villain?