[Rumor:]DC Cinematic Universe Comic-Con Plans

Wow, what a past couple of days. First, we get some info and behind the scenes on Ant-Man, then we get some news on multiple Green Lanterns hitting the big screen, some guy announced as the person to take the reins from a smaller franchise known as Spider-Man and now, we get some news for the DC Cinematic Universe and what they are planning on doing at Comic Con that will be going down in San Diego about a month from now. DC should blow everyone out of the water, especially with the fact that Marvel will not be present and the only other BIG news could possibly be of the Star Wars variety.

The likely things to lead the way for DC: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, with the latter being somewhat interesting since Jared Leto has some might big shoes to fill, following up Heath Ledger’s take on the The Joker. The other alleged big news could possibly be the forming of the Justice League, sort of what Marvel did with The Avengers, which will include Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, and…two Green Lanterns. We touched on the possibility of having more than one Green Lantern possibly popping up on the big screen previously. We touched on Hal Jordan, who has been on the big screen with Ryan Reynolds portraying that Green Lantern and the other Green Lantern that could possibly grace the big screen: John Stewart.

The cool thing (in retrospect) is that it looks like WB was Kahning us JJ Abrams style with the rumor that Chris Pine was in negotiations to play Princess Diana’s love interest Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman. Pine was rumored to be a candidate for Hal Jordan way back when we realized Ryan Reynolds would never float in a green suit again, and the rumors of Pine circling Wonder Woman were actually Pine closing in on the role of Hal Jordan.

Chris Pine
Chris Pine

So Chris Pine looks to be playing Hal Jordan, that leaves John Stewart open for the taking… sort of. I like surfing all of the social media sites, one person I follow that has been campaigning for the role of Jon Stewart: Tyrese Gibson. You’ll recognize the name from The Fast & The Furious series, as well as the Transformers movies, he also dabbles in the music industry as an R&B singer. His instagram page is full of posts

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The only other name that has been tossed around as Jon Stewart, is rapper Common. The only thing is that Common found himself a gig on the Suicide Squad. If DC follows all the other movie studios, they won’t allow Common to get this gig, but one never truly knows.

There will also probably be some sort of announcement regarding the future of Batman, which Ben Affleck has taken the role of for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and future Justice League movies, Affleck is reportedly going to direct the next installment of Batman, allegedly titled: The Batman,  with Chris Terrio taking on writing duties, aiming for November 2018 for a release.

Justice League Part 1 is supposed to hit theaters in 2017 with over a year’s  break before Part 2 in 2019. The year of 2018 has The Flash and Aquaman, but is relatively DC light with an “unknown” X-Men movie from Fox and Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Avengers Infinity War Part 1 from Disney. Turns out DC is eyeing to plop a tried-and-true character into the 2018 year to reclaim November from Captain Marvel.

Source: Latino-Review.com