RUMOR: Braniac to be ‘Justice League’ Villain


Though filming for Batman V. Superman is still underway, it seems the main villain for ‘Justice League’ has already been confirmed. Schmoes Know hosted its weekly Meet the Movie Press videocast with a special visit from Latino Review‘s, Umberto Gonzalez(He’s been covering the entertainment business for around 10 years and shared his background on how he got started, to establish the legitimacy of his scoop).

Here is the big scoop:

“Braniac is going to be villain in Justice League with a cool setup… Turns out Brainiac also heard the same Kryptonian beacon the Superman set off in Man of Steel. The same beacon that brought Zod to Earth. Very cool.”

According to the source, Batman V. Superman will set up the arrival of Braniac. Though Braniac has usually been a Superman only villain, hes proven before he can take on multiple Dc heavy-hitters at a time. Watch the entire Podcast below:

The previous rumor had been Darkseid to be the villain for the Justice League movie but will be postponed for his similarity to Marve’s Thanos (though Dc’s Darkseid was first). Keep in mind this is just a rumor and though Latino Review has gotten scoops correct before, they have also been horrendously wrong.

What are your thoughts? Is a villain like Braniac of enough caliber to challenge the entire Justice League?