Rolling Stones First International Rock Band in Cuba.

It’s a long time coming for the Cubans to witness one of the biggest band to perform in their native land. Back in the days when Fidel Castro told his country men to dress like a man instead of keeping those long hair and beard that seems to go against a cultural revolution of a communist regime. Between the 60’s and the 90’s rock n’ roll are discouraged by the communist regime. Listening and playing those music are relegated to underground activities. The availability of records were smuggled in from Soviet then. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans turn up for a free concert and rock along with the legendary Rolling Stones in Cuban’s capital’s Ciudad Deportiva, a sport complex with a capacity of 450 thousand. The human tide spilling beyond the complex onto the streets. Some even sit atop on neighbouring roof tops to witness this historical moment they thought they would never experience in their lifetime. The crowd erupted and singing along when the band play “Out Of Control” and “Satisfaction”. While Mick Jagger made minimum political reference to the country, the mere presence of the Rolling Stones in Cuba has kick the door wide open for the Cubans to join the rest of the world. As the song says. If you start me up, I’ll never stop.” Rejoice! My Cuban friends.


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