Carrie Kelley a.k.a. Robin
Carrie Kelley a.k.a. Robin

Jena Malone (Catching Fire) is confirmed for a role in Batman V. Superman but no official word on what her role for the film is. Speculation has been growing as to what her role may be, with the latest rumor being Harley Quinn in upcoming film ‘Suicide Squad.’ However an extra on the set who risks a $5 million dollar fine for breaking the confidentiality agreement required for those working on the film, is assuring us Jena Malone will be playing Ben Affleck’s sidekick.

Interestingly, the actress had teased the role previously via Instagram by sporting red hair like a certain female Robin:

Jena Malone teasing Robin role
Jena Malone teasing Robin role

As has already been mentioned, the film will be heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ in which Robin is in fact female.
Watch the extra confirming the rake here on a local news network.

What are your thoughts on a female Robin?

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