Review : Rogue One

I admit I’m not a Star Wars fan, but I watched most of the movies, mainly those older than the 70’s and 90’s. So I sat down to watch Rogue One, as a neutral spectator.
The Rogue One film is the first that is not directly part of the series, but tells another story and does not contain the familiar characters (except 2). You probably know the background story you know well, the rebels must find a way to destroy the empire of the Doomsday weapon that received the name Death Star, which is suddenly able to eliminate entire stars.
The protagonist of the story is Jyn, the home of a scientist who fled the empire but was caught and returned to develop that dangerous weapon. Jyn reluctantly joins the rebels, especially Cassian, the hero of duty.
The film is well made, starting from the middle and the end in a very traditional structure and I think it is also a very good movie. It is enjoyable, there are not many moments that have been smeared despite the relatively long film that is excellent. 2 movie stars are Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) and Diego Luna (Cassian Andor) are great . Perhaps one of the reasons I think the film is definitely more enjoyable is the K-2SO robot, which is a robot that the rebels have reprogrammed after being part of the empire’s robots.
The robot with the voice of Alan Tudik certainly adds some humor in the film that could easily be a sad drama in light of the end of the film. More heroes are the characters who change the fate of the mission to success (again despite the end of the film) like Chirrut and Baze who are the ones who help Jyn find her Force.
The end of the film for me was absolutely dramatic when the rebels manage to get what they want but eventually everyone is killed in battle or on the beach holding hands.
At the end of the film we get a taste of 2 very important figures in the Star Wars series, Darth Vader and Princess Leia. The film is from its historical time between the third and fourth parts of the Star Wars series.