Retro Gaming Tablet With Physical Controls!


Gaming on a tablet sucks. Yeah, we all do it, it gives us a purpose to use those slabs that we spent a fair amount of money on. A touch screen is nice when you’re collecting coins and potions, but if you’re using arcade style controls, more often than not your thumb will leave that sweet spot that the game developer thought would serve as a nice virtual joystick. I’ve crashed in to numerous walls and fallen off many ledges because I chose to look at the game instead of watching my thumb.

image has just the answer for me with the Blaze Tab. A 7″ touch screen tablet with physical controls. Two analogue sticks, a d-pad and 6 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons will give us the control we’re used to having on our home gaming systems.

The Blaze Tab runs on Android, which I’m not too thrilled about, but with the addition of the Play Store you can be sure not to run out of games to play. Billed as a retro gaming tablet, with 16gb of internal memory, there should be plenty of room to house many games with your saved progress. And for the times you want to see it on the big screen, there’s an HDMI out port. Buy yourself a long cable and use it as a belt and you’re always prepared to game!


While not available yet, you can pre-order the tablet at Funstock  for £99.99. Here’s hoping it reaches the US!

  • undbiter65

    Two questions: why isn’t this in the UTB store? And is this tablet Bla!ze endorsed? :p