Burn The Witch : Radiohead

Radiohead has released the first single Burning Witch from their upcoming untitled ninth studio album.  It’s the band first single since Spectre was written for the James Bond movie. The single was not used for the movie, instead it went with Sam Smith  Writing On The Wall. Radiohead released the unused song via SoundCloud free for download instead. The band has not released a LP since 2011’s The King Of Limbs. The band has a long history with the song dated back to the cover art of the 2002’s Hail To The Thief where phrases related to Burn To the Witch appeared. It was reported that the lyrics was finished in 2005. Snippets of the  song has been teased since through track lists and concert. The song has a reference to the cult horror classic The Wicker Man. The video set in an English Village that quickly turn sinister when the inhabitants turn into a witch burning ceremony with a giant wooden effigy. The video is directed by Chris Hopewell. Burn The Witch already has over 5 millions views after only one day. Check it out below.



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