Quantum Break “The Cemetery” Trailer

Microsoft Studios has released a trailer for its highly anticipated game Quantum Break. It’s created by the people behind Max Payne and Alan Wake. A revolutionary gaming experience that blur the line between watching television and gaming. There’s also a limited edition Quantum Break  Xbox One bundle. The limited edition bundle includes 500GB Cirrus White Xbox One console and matching wireless controller, a full-game download of Quantum Break and a full-game download of Alan Wake as well as The Signal and The Writer DLC content. This bundle will set you back US$349 at your participating local retailers and Microsoft stores. Check out Microsoft store site Special Edition Bundle for more info or to pre-order. The bundle is  available starting March 29th. Note this link is US site. You can change the global location to show the accurate pricing.

Quantum Break Special Edition Bundle
Quantum Break Special Edition Bundle

You can pre-order your own copy of the game Here. Quantum Break game will be release on Xbox One April 5th. Meanwhile check out the trailer.


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