Preacher : See Episode 2 Previews- AMC

Fresh from its Sunday debut of a new original series Preacher, AMC has release a few previews for the second episode. The pilot episode receive moderate rating but gained high praised from television critics. The showrunner made some bold move to depart from the original comic book series in terms of  the one-dimensional characters that will not work well on television. That take away the worries of many fans and critics alike to breathe some life into a live action series. It’s a good debut considering going up against heavy weight like Game Of Thrones on a Sunday night. Not to mention to follow behind the footsteps of The Walking Dead and Fear Of Walking Dead schedules. For those who missed the first episode, Preacher pilot episode will air again 9pm Sunday May 29th on AMC. Episode two will air 9pm the next Sunday June 5th. If you have not seen the first episode, spoiler warning for the review and preview clips below. AMC also give away the first episode for free at its website for your viewing pleasure. Click here.


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