Piper First Look- Disney Pixar

Piper is a short animation film (six minutes) that will accompany the feature movie of Finding Dory when it’s released. This short animated story focus on this cute little sandpiper venturing out from her nest to dig for food along the shoreline. Her challenge is the food buried beneath the surface of the shore and conquering her fear of the waves that keep rushing towards her. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the animation short, it takes a lot of research on the animal and character and technical experimentation to get it made. This is a pet project that come to fruition by director Alan Barillalo. This might be his directorial debut, he is an animator that has his hands on or overseeing films like Finding Nemo, Monster Inc., Wall-E , Brave and The Incredibles just to name a few. Piper will be shown along with Finding Dory when it premieres in theaters on June 17th. Check out the very adorable character below.


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