ParaZero Drone Parachute System -ParaZero

Drones flying has gone beyond military applications to become a fast growing hobbies among the masses. Between that, you have giant online retailers like Amazon and Google who are using it as a mean of delivering services. That is a lot of traffic added to our environment. Malfunctioning and user error could create a lot of unwanted accidents and injuries from a single instant to domino effects when a drone lose control. Not to mention the cost of damaged drone that can add up for businesses. An Israeli company ParaZero has a solution for such issue. It has introduce a smart parachute system to bring the drone safely to the ground. The ParaZero Safe Air System work through the integration with the drones and monitoring for trouble. If the system sense trouble,  it can shut off the drone and activate the parachute.Currently ParaZero design is aiming at larger manufacturers and operators where it can customize the needs of the clients base on the type of drones employed. Currently ParaZero drone parachute system is in an early development stage. The company is likely looking for new capital in a very near future. It has five clients consisted of China’s DJI, 3D Robotics, Martin Jetpack and two unnamed clients, one hinted to be a well-known multinational online retailer. you can check out this site for more information on the ParaZero Drone Parachute System and the background of the developer by clicking here.


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  • Brad

    That’s badass. As someone that’s watched my toy drones come speeding down to the ground and bouncing, I could see this being a necessity with the bigger pricier drones.

    Well, if you fly like I do. Lol