Own a Piece of Movie Magic

Want a gremlin? Maybe you’d prefer a mogwai. Maybe you want them all with the outfits to dress them up! Now, you can have them!

Rick Baker, special effects makeup master, is spring cleaning. And his trash may be your treasure because he’s auctioning everything off. So, head to the LA Prop Store website and browse the catalog. There are tons of props and prosthetics to choose from. They include:edger

  • Men in Black
  • Zombie appliances from “Thriller”
  • Appliances from Harry and the Hendersons
  • Prosthetic from Harvey “Two Face” Dent, Batman Forever
  • Gremlins, mogwais, and their wardrobe from Gremlins 2

If you think there’s no way you could afford to add something so choice to your own collection, fret not. None of these items have a reserve, and bidding starts at just $5 for each item.

Head on over to the auction site, browse the catalog, and see if there’s any piece of movie special effect history you’d love to own!




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