Outcast Pilot Episode – Cinemax

Cinemax Network has made the pilot episode of its new original series Outcast for your viewing pleasure. This 10 episodes series already has a second season order before it’s even premiere. From the creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman, Outcast follows Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit-Gone Girl) a young man who has been possessed by demons all his life. He embarks on a journey to seek redemption of those he hurts and looking for answers to his problem hopefully regain his normal life . He had the help of Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister – Life on Mars) a preacher who has his own personal demons but believe he is a soldier of God in the battle against the forces of evil on earth. Joshua Austin (Gabriel Bateman Stalker) an eight-year old that lives across town, who the family believe possessed by demon somehow has a mysterious connection to Kyle Barnes. Outcast premiere on Cinemax Friday June 3rd.


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