Our PS3 Picks

With the launch of the Playstation 4 (originally released November 15th in North America and November 29th for the rest of the world, of 2013), the Playstation 3 (originally released November 11th, 2006) might be losing gamers to newer consoles. That being said, the console was THE original blu-ray player and also the format that won out (XBox 360 had HD DVD, which is no longer made). The games I played most were sports games. Check out a few of the games listed below:

1. Call of Duty (Series)

This series was one of the most profitable and once you started, you couldn’t put the controller down. Multi-player online was the best, interacting with other players from across the world, while getting your gun off, is there anything better? Another part of the game that wouldn’t let you put the controller down: Zombies. Zombies has gone through a few changes, especially with the most recent version on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, being that different studios created the games. But tell me, you haven’t tried to do an easter egg???

2. Madden (Series)

Madden has been THE sports game that most people anticipate yearly for almost any game system. In America, football sells. Getting your hands on the latest Madden at the midnight releases is one of them moments I love taking my sons to! I think this is actually one of the games that started the midnight release trend, where every store would put together some sort of special event and give away prizes and food as well.

3. 2K (Series)

The first 2K games were released exclusively to the Sega Dreamcast under Sega Sports. 2K2 was the first release for multiple platforms, including: Dreamcast, GameCube, PS2 and XBox. This series took the place for me, personally, of NBA Live. NBA Live was THE basketball game series, originally starting on the Sega Genesis. 2K10 (with Kobe Bryant on the cover) is the game that changed everything for 2K. That was the game that won over a lot of fans with the new gaming engine.

4. Tiger Woods/PGA Tour Golf (Series)

First released as PGA Tour Golf in 1990 for Windows computers and in 1998, Tiger Woods took over as the namesake as well the game being released for Playstation and Sega Saturn. Now, let me say that this game was one of the funnest and also most boring games at the same time, but I guess if you’re an avid golfer, this game changed from not being realistic, to almost being as real a game as possible! The addition of “The Legends of the Majors” mode added legendary players like: Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Sam Sneed, Tom Ballesteros and a young Tom Morris. The new title, being released in the coming weeks, will be with Rory McIlroy as the spokesperson and namesake, continuing on where Tiger Woods left off, being that Tiger’s contract with EA Sports was not renewed in 2014…

5. Grand Theft Auto (Series)

I like the concept of it, but I can’t say it helps me being a father. Yeah, let’s play a game where we have to do heists… but as a gamer, I couldn’t turn away from him! Stopping cars in the middle of the street, throwing the driver out of the car and then taking off, yeah, let’s go!!! Do whatever you want and keep away from cops, what a dad!? But what do you do? This is one of the most popular games around..

These are in no particular order, just numbered them so I wouldn’t lose my place… I think I played and still play 2K more than anything else. What are your favorite PS3 games?

  • E

    Dragon Age is my fave game. But PS3 exclusive Uncharted is always a great time!

  • veeru789

    Was never a fan of PS3 but for me Unchartered series was the best. And many of my friends enjoyed playing God of war.

  • veeru789

    And oh Forgot about kill zone 🙂