Oscar Winner Patty Duke Dies At Age 69

A cultural icon and a strong advocate of many worthy causes,  an actress who won an Oscar for her role in The Miracle Worker, Patty Duke has pass away at 1:20 am Tuesday morning surrounded by her love ones. She had appeared on many television series as recent as Glee, Hawaii Five -0 , Judging Amy, Touch By An Angel just to name a few. Towards the end of her life she suffered mental diseases and had become a strong advocatefor mental health issues. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 1982 and wrote about it in her autobiography in 1987. For the younger generation who are more familiar with her actor son Sean Astin that appears on movies  like The Goonies as well as playing the endearing, loyal friend Sam Gamgee to Frodo in the trilogy of The Lord Of The Rings. Sean has just started a crowd funding in honour of his mother Patty Duke a Patty Duke Mental Health Project to raise awareness and help those patients and their families cope and face with the challenges that comes with mental health issues. For more information you can click on the link here. We extend our condolences to Patty Duke love ones. She will be missed.


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