Official Trailer: American Revenant

It’s finally here. Originally teased on our GeekCast and then we heard about it again on my Ecast, the trailer for the shortfilm has been released!

This isn’t the full film, readers. It’s a two-minute taste of zombies and the fight to survive inspired by the apocalypse novella American Revenant: Hometown Exodus.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full film, coming soon! Find out more on Facebook or read the series that started it all!



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  • Martin

    Thanks for sharing. Very Creepy, I’m looking forward to the movie.

    • E

      Our filmmaker is pretty incredible.

      • Martin

        You mention ” Our filmmaker ”
        Is this something you’re working on?

        • E

          This is my husband’s work. I’ve been helping with the process behind the scenes.

  • james pisano

    Wow! Looks awesome! Very well done! Dramatic. Really creepy!

    • E

      The full film will be amazing!