New Ultron Orgin


Director and and writer  Joss Whedon has  dropped some hints at a recent Comic Con that Ultron creator will be Tony Stark. Not on on purpose,  rather Starks creation Jarvis has gone rouge and created Ultron from the Iron Man model.

The original creator of Ultron in the comic’s is Hank Prym aka Ant-man. Michael Douglass is scheduled to play the character in a upcoming Ant-man movie.

So let us know what your feelings are about this. Should they have change the orgins from the comics?

  • veeru789

    I don’t think they should change the origin story. Something are better if they stay untouched. At least Marvel has decent casting and movies are watchable. DC on the other hand has horrible casting.

    • undbiter65

      Whoa. Bringing up DC in a Marvel post? Insecure much?