Netflix Streams The Interview

Starting today, if you live stateside, you can now watch The Interview for free on Netflix


The controversial movie stars real life friends James Franco and Seth Rogan, as a TV host and his producer who are asked by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-Un when invited to interview him.

Those that haven’t practiced the lifestyle of Franco and Rogen, and still have a semblance of short term memory, will remember this is the movie that led to the hack that had Sony scrambling for their BlackBerries.

In an unprecedented move, after several theater chains decided not to show the movie, Sony pulled it’s release only to make it available for a fee online. Now, those of us that weren’t willing to pay for an international Pineapple Express, can watch it for free.

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  • Barracuda7772

    I enjoy a good satire flick, but this was still a bit much.