It’s Nat’l Punctuation Day!

There are several ways to celebrate National Punctuation Day: writing, reading, and grammar nazi-ing.

There seems to be a day for everything under the sun. Even the jots, tittles, ampersands, and hashtags have their day. I’ll be honest: I love grammar, punctuation, and all the rules by which it abides. So, today is my kind of day.

Punctuation turns our written words into a verbal tone. Quotations speak to us in a particular way. Commas tell us when to pause for clarity [read: effect], and ellipses help truncate our monologues or simply let them trail off…. Apostrophes are the hooks on which lazy people hang their hats, or from which possessive people steal them back. Colons and semicolons separate our thoughts accordingly, and brackets and parentheses keep the stage whispers on the down low. Ampersands are the filigreed friends that bring you & I together; while exclamation points, question marks, and periods simply finish our thoughts.2000px-simple_icon_ellipsis-svg

Furthermore, did you know there are some punctuation marks that people simply forget exist‽ The interrobang brings an emphasis to the questioning mind.

Which one is my favorite‽ I find it hard to narrow down…

Celebrate your favorite punctuation mark(s) by reading more about today over at National Punctuation Day’s website, and put the comma in “commentary.”


E is a long time blogger about a great and many things people overlook. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • aprilagain

    Love it! And yes, the ampersand is still the most beautiful punctuation mark!

    • E

      So glad you approve! Grammar fun is the nerdiest fun.