Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Launch Trailer- EA

EA and DICE has released a launch trailer on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The first-person game follow Faith, a free runner fights for freedom in the city of Glass. Hidden among the beautiful high-tech city are danger in dark corners, alley and tunnels, Faith and her fringe group call the Runners combat the oppressors of the city.

Here is the official synopsis :

  • Become a legendary runner – You are Faith, one of the best Runners in the city of Glass. Fighting the city’s oppressive powers, you must use your free running and combat skills to save the city and yourself.
  • Fluid movement and combat in first person – Free running is the heart of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Build momentum to do daring jumps between rooftops or stylish slides through tight spaces. Hit top speed quickly zipping down wire lines. Faith can also use her momentum to deliver heavy blows or to flow right through an opponent when taking them down isn’t necessary. Movement is her defence and momentum her power.
  • Explore the City of Glass – Glass boasts close to 14 million citizens, making it the third largest city in Cascadia. You will discover many districts exploring Glass, such as the trendy Anchor or the modernized Downtown where the Runners have their secret hideout.
    The game is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin PC on May 24th.  For more information and to pre-order your own copy click Here.


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