Middle School : Worst Year Of My Life Trailer -CBS Films

CBS Films has released a trailer for its upcoming comedy drama, Middle School: Worst Year Of My Life. The film is based on best-selling novel by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts. The premise of the movie is very much Ferris Bueller’s Day Off lite. Rafe is a wildly imaginative teen who has issue with authority was transfer to an oppressive, rule obsessive middle school. Together with his best friend Leo, they vow to break every rule on the Code Of Conduct book stringently enforce by the principal Dwight, their main antagonizer. Meanwhile Rafe is trying to hide his rebellious behavior from the girl of his dream , an over achieving straight A student and at home he is face with a mooching slacker of his mother boyfriend, who threaten to be his stepfather. Middle School : Worst Year Of My Life is directed by Steve Carr(Paul Blart: Mall Cop) and stars Lauren Graham(Gilmore Girls), Griffin Gluck(Private Practice), Isabela Moner(Splitting Atoms), Thomas Babusca(Preacher, Wet Hot American Summer), Adam Pally(Happy Endings), Jacob Hopkins(Inside Out), Rob Riggle(21 Jump Street) and Andy Daly(She’s Out Of My League).  Middle School is set to open in theaters on October 7th. Check out the trailer below.


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