Microsoft acquires startup behind sales gamifaction platform

Microsoft is looking to bring fantasy sports like competition to its CRM products with the acquisition of FantasySalesTeam. Microsoft calls the platform as a completely unique way to motivate sales people and keep the whole team engaged, not just the top performers.

With the focus on productivity and customer success, this acquisiton is a great fit as envolves the sales team by going to work and earn points for their own ranking on leaderboards and for their fantasy team.

How it works

The users set up their own metrics, than draft their coworkers and arrange lineups based on everyone’s strenghts, just like in fantasy sports.

“Individual and team results become highly visible, driving both competition as well as collaboration and creating positive, impactful cultural change,” Bob Stutz, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Dynamics CRM, wrote in a blog post.

With this acquisition, Microsoft is looking at ways to expand beyond the sales scenario.



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