Megan Fox on the set of TMNT 2

What can I say, if there’s a reason to post a picture of Megan Fox just being Megan Fox, I have to put it up! It’s my civic duty/responsibility to all of the fan boys out there (you’re very welcome)!!! Ok, maybe not so much, but still… Megan Fox and whoever they have behind the motion-capture suits (and possibly someone else behind the microphone as their voice talent) are currently in New York filming the sequel to the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. TMNT 2 was quickly announced prior to the actual release of the first movie, due to the warm response from critics and test audiences. So far, announced for the sequel: the addition of Beebop, Rocksteady and Casey Jones, along with Megan Fox’s April O’neil and those four green guys that are ninjas and turtles: Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael. To check out a few more pics that were taken CLICK HERE

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 set to be released on June 3rd, 2016. David Green is set to direct from a script by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec.