McDonalds Invents the Frork, Infomercial Follows

Utterly useless, and yet I want one.

The Frork. McDonalds has invented it. It’s real. It’s limited. It’s a definite case of WTF. You see, McDonalds has some new additions to their menu, and of course they needed a method to market them. So why not get Anthony Sullivan, the OxiClean guy to pitch a product that sort-of, kind-of, ties in.

The new menu items are called Signature Crafted Recipes. The catch here is that there are so many toppings, that they will of course fall off. Just think of it like Carl’s Jr. around 10 years ago.

Well, as these toppings fall off, the customer needs a way to get them right? Enter the Frork. The Frork is a handle for French fries to mop up the toppings. A fork where the teeth are french fries. Yeah, that’s happening.

When you watch the commercial, you can’t believe that it is real. But it is. It is a limited promotion at participating McDonalds. I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ll be checking at my local McDonalds tomorrow to see if I can pick one up.