Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer #2 – Marvel Entertainment

As promised, Marvel Studio has released its second trailer for Captain America: Civil War. It’s Epic!!! Can we all get along? No! And Spider-Man makes the appearance!! Set your calendar for May 6th. At 2 hours and 27 minutes, this is one of the longest movie of Marvel franchise. So make sure you restrict your liquid intake during the movie. Are you excited for the movie? Leave your comment below. Do not break the replay button your hear?


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  • veeru789

    That was awesome! Wasn’t expecting to see Spiderman.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Sony Pictures own the exclusive right to Spider-Man movies. The franchise has not been doing well. On the contrary, Marvel Studio is making a killing with Iron-Man and Captain America. By collaborating with Marvel Studio, Sony Picture is hoping its reboot of Spider-Man franchise will have the same success down the road.