Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD : Watchdogs S3Ep14 Preview – ABC

Here is a clip for tomorrow’s night Tuesday episode 14 of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD titled Watchdogs. Previously Team SHIELD had to lose two of their best agents Bobbi and Hunter. We got an emotional farewell scene. This week Agent Mack and his brother steps in when a group of terrorist targeting the inhuman. If only they hunt down Lash and put him on a leash to do their job. Speaking of Lash, the clip below shows Simmons picking up on a weapon. She was still haunted by her experience when she led Lash loose and resulted in a massacre of inhuman. She was also tired of not able to defend herself and often relying on other agents and inhuman to save her time and time again. In tomorrow’s episode Simmons also discover a powerful chemical compound. Will that be the cure for the inhumans or a weapon against Maveth? Check out the clip below.


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