Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD : Inside Man Episode 12 Preview- ABC

ABC has released another clip for tomorrow’s night Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD episode 12 titled Inside Man. Previously on the episode of Bouncing Back in Bogotá, Team SHIELD encounter a Cyclops Inhuman that rendered his victims in the state of paralysis. On next week clip below Gideon Malick had him kidnapped and serve him up to HIVE formerly known as Grant Ward. We have yet to see the full power of HIVE but it seems he is not affected by the power of Inhuman. How will Coulson and his team take down this new alien? Will Fitz and Simmons able to formulate a weapon to take him down?  Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns Tuesday on ABC. Check your local listing. Here’s a look at the preview for the next episode.


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