Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D : The Team S3Ep17 – Sneak Peek – ABC Network

Here is a look ahead of Tuesday night episode of 17 titled The Team on Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD. Things are heating up on SHIELD as season 3 is on a homestretch. Previously Director Coulson and his team are in trouble, when Giyera escape his containment and beat up everyone on board that had the jet crashing down. Agent May managed to send a SOS to Daisy before she collapsed. Daisy has to call upon her Secret Warriors to not only save the team but to take down Hive and Hydra. That’s a tall order to fill. On the second clip we see Lincoln got his way into face to face with Malick. I can’t help but wonder for this one instance Malick and SHIELD might work together against the common enemy of HIVE.What do you think? Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD returns 9pm Tuesday April 19th on ABC. Check your local listing.

While searching for related material I was scarred for life to be exposed to something I can’t unseen. Just because of such contrast of the character Clark Gregg play on Marvel Agents Of SHIELD. I do not think Director Phil Coulson will ever get the respect from his team to see this whimsical side of his. The only way to normalize this I figure you all should be exposed to the “Toxic” that I was subjected to 😛




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