Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D : The Singularity S3Ep18 Review and Preview – ABC Network Spoiler Warning

After recovering from the damaged Daisy had done to SHIELD base, the team were divided into two groups to pursue Hive and his inhuman. Unfortunately Joey and Yo Yo left SHIELD after last week ‘s debacle. Mack, Fitz and Simmons were assigned to locate the elusive Dr. Radcliff (John Hannah) who they believe can find a cure for Hive parasitic infections on the inhumans. While Coulson, May and Lincoln looking for other inhuman Alisha they believe is the next target of Hive recruitment. The whole episode is setting up to be a big confrontation at the season finale, as we see Hive and his inhumans are always one step ahead of Team SHIELD.  Both SHIELD and Hive are tearing HYDRA apart. SHIELd with General Talbot blow ups HYDRA nests across the world , Hive use HYDRA money to buy an entire town to set up the inhuman base with the Kree artifact that created Hive. The core of the plot is the delve into the relationships of  the characters. Agent May call out Coulson on his bias against other inhuman such as Lincoln in favor of Daisy, despite Daisy turn rouge on SHIELD. Coulson has admitted he always see Daisy as his daughter. While Lash despite was May husband did not receive the same kindness when May was call to shoot him down. A brief reunion of Ward and Daisy despite it was just a memory live in Hive and later Hive using Will’s memory to manipulate Simmons to no avail. Last but not least after 3 years of impossible relationship between Fitz and Simmons, they finally consummate their relationship. It should be noted that despite the parasitic infection of Hive, the inhumans are not zombies to his cause, they still retained their personality and emotion while stay loyal to his mission, as we see a scene play out between Daisy and Fitz. She use her power to put Fitz on a choke hold and told him about her premonition that will come true for one of them. Should Fritz pursue her again she will not hesitate to snap his neck off. That leads to next week episode 19th titled Failed Experiments. Lets hope it will be Hive that failed on his experiment as Team SHIELD is only down to Lincoln as the good inhuman left on their side. So what do you think of the episode?


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