Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D :The Singularity S3Ep18 Previews – ABC TV

Ahead of tomorrow’s night episode on Marvel’s Agents Of Shield titled The Singularity, ABC TV has released a couple of the preview clips. Team SHIELD is reeling from the betrayal of Daisy, the team leader of the Secret Warriors. More accurately, Daisy was infected with the Hive virus and is under the control of the fearsome inhuman like the Apocalypse of The X-Men. Hive is trying to collect as many inhumans he can get to be his army. This is not making Director Coulson very comfortable that his most powerful team can turn on him and SHIELD any seconds. Hopefully whatever Fitz and Simmons have in the work will be able to defeat Hive. Speaking of inhumans, there was supposed to be a movie lining behind the other Marvel’s Avengers movies. The inhuman movies was originally slated to open July 12th 2019. It suppose to work well in the schedule, given this television series has built up the characters nicely into the movie. According to Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige because of Spider-Man : Homecoming and Ant-Man And The Wasp is on the schedule, there’s simply no slot left for the inhuman movie. Not to mention Captain Marvel and the two-part movies of Avengers: The Infinity War are also on the very tight schedule. Another consideration is Warner Bros Pictures and DC movies line up as well. The studios usually give each other space and not go head to head clash to collect their box office ticket sales. Check out the preview for Tuesday night episode of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD below.


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