Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D: Paradise Lost S3Ep16 Recap- Spoiler Warning – ABC TV

Last week episode we see Malick shaken when the inhuman Charles touch that send the vision of his future. This week we get a glimpse of it where Malick is certain he is going to suffer the death from Hive. It further confirmed his faith when he returned to his estate where Hive was his uninvited guest. The back story of Malick guilt slowly peeling away, revealing how Hive is somehow related to him. On par with the Hydra tradition, the secret society had an annual random draw of stones in which the chosen one will be sent through a portal to be sacrificed to Hive. Gideon like his father who cheated on the ‘game’ by  using a hidden stone in a book  to escape the random draw  that sacrificed his brother Nathaniel to Hive. Hive retains every memory of human that it consumed begins to spell out the event in front of Stephanie Malick and Gideon as he shred  her father’s reputation into pieces. Like Gideon we were expecting his impending death in the hand of Hive to be surprise by Hive kiss of  death planted on Stephanie to the horror of Gideon. Now he has to live with the guilt of the death of his brother and his daughter.

While Daisy and Lincoln were sent to retrieve a Kree artifact from an inhuman wannabe, the rest of the SHIELD team got themselves into a pickle when they nab Giyera who managed to escape the containment unit and  beat the crap out of everyone on board during mid-flight that almost send the jet crashing down. Agent May managed to send the last message to Daisy and Lincoln for help. That will lead us to next week episode titled The Team where Daisy will activate the Secret Warriors to rescue the rest of SHIELD Team. So what do you think of tonight’s episode?



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