Marvel granted court order forcing Google to give up ‘Avengers’ trailer leaker

Disney isn’t asking Google to give them the IP address of the user responsible for the leaked Avengers footage, they are DEMANDING it. Although Marvel acted as if the early leak wasn’t a major deal and even playfully referenced the incident on Twitter, Marvel was pissed. They sent a takedown notice for the trailer before launching the official version shortly after.

Earlier this week, they requested a subpoena against Google to help determine the identity of the leaker. The subpoena was granted a day later. At this point all that is known is that the footage was uploaded by someone with the username “John Gazelle.” The judge presiding over the matter has ordered Google to hand over any IPs associated with the user’s Google+ and YouTube accounts.

Google is to present any information they have in a hearing scheduled for November 18.

What are your thoughts, is Marvel being too harsh?

  • veeru789

    Instead they could have used BES12 and have more secured systems in place.

    • undbiter65

      It’s Marvel, Veeru. They’re not very bright 😐