Man Has Star Wars Themed Funeral

Wales News Service
Wales News Service

Gordon Deacon, a 58 year old Welshman who lost his battle against pancreatic cancer, wished for a funeral out of the ordinary, a Star Wars inspired funeral. His wish was fulfilled when the horse led carriage his coffin was in was escorted by an honor guard consisting of Stormtroopers.

His wife told The Telegraph:

“He was mad on Star Wars. We went to see the first film in 1977 and ever since then he was fixated with it.

We used to go to shows and he had a signed photograph of bounty hunter Boba Fett on the wall. He had Star Wars lightsabers, figurines, cookie jars, the lot.

My husband didn’t want people to wear black, his wish was to have a different funeral. People can either wear Star Wars costumes, but not Darth Vader.”

The mourners were asked to either wear Star Wars inspired clothing, or red clothing in honor of Football Club Liverpool, Gordon’s other obsession.
Watch a video of the man’s funeral details below:

  • Couldn’t go all the way and have a horse driven death star?