What Would Make Fate of the Furious Better? Mario!

I wouldn’t have thought of this, but I wish I would have. A Fate of the Furious and Mario Kart mashup!

There are a few things in this world that can be taken for fact. One of those facts is this. If you’re looking for the ultimate in drive by the seat of your pants, wheel gripping action, there’s only one place to look. Mario Kart!

YouTuber’s The Warp Zone took this fact, and utilized it to make the Fate of the Furious trailer better. So much better.

Gone is Vin Diesel. Gone is that wrestling dude. In fact, everyone is gone. To be replaced by characters from Super Mario.

Ok, so the acting could be better. It could be a lot better. But haven’t we always said that about the rest of the Fast and the Furious franchise anyway?

Enjoy the trailer below, and join me in wishing for a playable version.