Loot Crate One-Year Subscription Giveaway!


We had previously reported here about the awesome subscription based Loot Crate and recommended you try it. Loot Crate is a service in which you receive a box each month filled with random unique collectibles. Loot Crate has partnerships with brands like Nintendo, Marvel, Star Wars, and Valve. According to their site, you’re paying 1/3 of the retail value for the contents inside the box.

Now you have the chance to experience this amazing subscription based service for yourself. LootCrate is giving away a free one-year subscription to one lucky person. If you already have a subscription, LootCrate will extend your current subscription. So go here to enter the giveaway.

(Special thanks to Erica for bringing this to my attention)

  • E

    I wants my loots!

    • undbiter65

      Patience young padawan…..