Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights 01X04 Recap Spoiler Alert.

On the odd day, the Canadian broadcast network decide to screen it’s show ahead of the schedule. As is the case of this week Legends of Tomorrow that schedule for coming Thursday episode. So for those who have not seen the show and want to avoid spoiler, I suggest you skip this.

This episode is a part one of two-part story arc. The Team left 1975 and going to 1986. The continuing pursue of Vandal Savage. They need to steal from the Pentagon that contained a unredacted files on Savage. From the file they discover he had employed a Soviet physicist working on an army of Firestorm. Professor Stein being the creator of Firestorm, Ray Palmer and Leonard Snark were task to infiltrate Lukavich Lab to retrieve the Therma Core. Despite Mike Rory last-minute rescue , they were succumb by the Soviet force. While Leonard Snark escape with the Therma Core while Ray, Professor Stein and Mike Rory were captured and toss into the gulag.

Therma Core
Therma Core

Other story development

  • Unbeknownst to the team, they were followed by another Time Master and Chronos. While the first encounter between Time Master Druce and Rip Hunter was cordial. The Time Masters promised to forgive Hunter for his rebellion, as long as he surrender himself , the Waverider and return his team to where the were original recruited from. The Time Masters will also promised to fix all the altered time line that the Legends had cross since. Hunter had an hour to reconsider and talk it over with his team and return in an hour for the rendezvous. This is all a guise from Time Master and his Chronos to take out Hunter and his team on the spot. He did not fall for the plan and brought some of his team to fend off the Time Master and his Chronos.
  • The freshly recover Hawkgirl is suffering some side effects liken to White Canary’s blood lust. She exposed her blood lust by violently battling the Pentagon’s soldiers when the team need to escape from capture in the last-minute. Back in the ship, Hunter tasked White Canary to help her control that urge. Not a smart idea when both birds could barely control their own blood lust. They each took turn beat the crap out of the other as “training”. Not sure where this story line is going.
  • Professor Stein and Jax Jackson simmering conflicts come to a boil in this episode. Ever eager to be the mentor and because of his guilt over the death of the first Firestorm(Robbie Armell), he incessantly lecturing Jax, instructing him what to do even when both were joined up as Firestorm. Jax is still not over the fact that he was drugged and kidnapped by Stein to join the team. The fact that he was force to leave his widowed mother without as much as a goodbye did not sit well with him. Their conflict almost cause Jax’s life when battling Time Master Druce and the Chronos.
  • Leonard Snark discover Rip Hunter can be as cold and calculative as he is when Hunter did not send the rest of the reinforcement team to rescue Ray, Stein and Mike Rory. Instead he had Snart leave them and return with the Therma Core.


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