Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale Extended Trailer – CW Network

Ahead of Thursday season finale of Legends Of Tomorrow, CW Network has released an extended trailer. We had learned the news of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold/Leonard Snart will not be returning to season 2 of Legends Of Tomorrow, but the actor was signed as regular on showrunner Greg Berlanti DC television series. He will get plug-in any of the 4 shows that will be running on CW Network as the writers sees fit. In regards to Legends Of Tomorrow, the shows will cast a male and a female actors to join the crew  next season. After accomplishing their goal, Rip Hunter will released the team back to Central City 2016. I am hoping against hope that the legends will be on The Flash to battle the army of meta-human unleashed by ZOOM either on tonight’s episode of The Flash or next week’s  season finale. Meanwhile check out the season finale trailer for Legends Of Tomorrow below. It airs at 8pm Thursday on CW Network. Check your local listing.


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