Legends Of Tomorrow : River of Time S01E14 Review Spoiler Warning.

Previously Vandal Savage and Carter were brought on to the Waverider as prisoners. Thanks to Kendra lack of killing instinct, she could not finish Savage off. One would think  an ancient princess who dies and reincarnate multiple times would hold a very different views on life and dead matter. It must be quite boring trapped in the time machine, Because Sara, Kendra, Ray and Professor Stein see fits to  take turn visiting Savage in his cell to be manipulated. Boy scout Ray eventually let Savage overpower him and  attempted an escape along with Carter. At least Carter regain his memories but not before he got stabbed by Savage. Hunter think he bagged the biggest villain and could clear he and his team off the crime by handing over Savage to the Time Councils. Instead he got arrested as was the rest of his team minus Jax.  Turn out the Time Councils are in the pocket of Savage. So there’s no ending with this silliness of cat and mouse game with Savage or the Time Master.  Jax was affected by an explosion earlier trying to fix the Waverider. The effect was rapid aging. Professor Stein put him on the jump ship to send him off to 2016 to reverse the effect. On we go to next week penultimate episode titled Destiny. I do not have high hope for this series to survive second season. Frankly I was surprise it was even renew. The show premise reminds me of a segment of Edge of Tomorrow where Tom Cruise character was toss into  time loop. But that’s a two-hour movie and the plot eventually move forward with a conclusion. I’m not so sure the viewers can endure another 23 episodes of rinse and repeat week after week. What do you think? Will you give the show another chance?


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