Legends Of Tomorrow : River Of Time E14 Preview – The CW Network

I can hear viewers of Legends Of Tomorrow screaming for the love of god can we be done with Vandal Savage already! There’s still a distinction between cartoon series versus comic hero super hero series. When Rip Hunter and the Legends doing the Tom and Jerry schtick or Roadrunner and the Wile E. Cayote chase, the show is going to lose more viewers before the end of season two ends. Zoom in the Flash is brutal, he has continue to kill off many characters despite being dubbed as a family show in CW Network. Even with Arrow Damien Darhk has no qualms going after Oliver’s son and Lyla and Diggle’s toddler daughter. Not to mention, Moira, Tommy and Laurel Lance death. Vandal Savage killed the unkillable Kendra and Carter, they get to reborn every single death. The whole season has banked on the murder of Rip Hunter’s wife and son from episode one. There’s no emotional pay-off for the viewers, we just have to see how many episodes left and expect a repeat and rinse cat and mouse game episode after episode. The series undersell the both the villains and the super heroes. They are both mediocre at what they are doing. If the show keeps Savage on for the next season, they might as well kiss the show goodbye.We barely invested in 9 of the characters to care enough to stick around. The series need to kill off a couple of the central characters and replace them with other super heroes. Laurel Lance /Black Canary is not the most well like character on Arrow. At least her dead fuel the plots and other characters towards the climactic story arc of the season. Legends Of Tomorrow air 8 pm Thursday on CW Network. Check your local listing.

Here’s my comparison to a beloved cartoon series with the original plot.


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