Legends of Tomorrow : Left Behind Episode 9 preview – CW

Legends Of Tomorrow is taking a two weeks break after last night episode 8th titled Night of the Hawk. The next episode titled Left Behind will return March 31st. This is a spoiler warning if you have not watch yesterday’s episode do not proceed reading.

If I’m the executive behind CW, I’ll be weary of renewing this show from a viewer perspective. On paper this was such a great idea before the series was launched. Great combination of super heroes and great group of cast surrounding it. My patience is running thin with Legends Of Tomorrow. The complaint is simple, lame villain and incompetent super heroes lead by a brainless leader. At this rate, James Franco’s Jake Epping in 11.22.63 has a better chance of preventing the assassination of JFK with a binder of achieves from the library than this group of super heroes with super high-tech power and their time machine can ever get to kill off Vandal Savage. For a super villain in the DC Universe, Vandal Savage is not that impressive in Legends. Can’t even compare to other CW DC villains. Not ZOOM, King Shark, Grodd, Ras al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn or even Damien Darhk. I begin to feel like the impatient kid behind my parents car on a long road trip frequently asking are we there yet? Team Legends always hunting for Vandal Savage but could never finish their job and there are always on the run from Chronos. I got an idea, Hello Chronos, meet Vandal Savage. Let those two run around in circle like Wile Coyote and Roadrunner. Team Legends can just return to their own time line and get on with more exciting lives on their own. On last night episode the team travel into 1958 “Pleasantville” where Peggy Sue got married and  white folks with picket fences live. So Ray Palmer and Kendra decide to go undercover as married couple and Jax Jackson goes as the only black high school kid hitting a lily-white girl in an all white soda shop. Sara as a nurse hitting up another in the hospital. Not to mention Vandal Salvage looking more like a Russian than an Egyptian at ease as an American town élite during the height of Cold War. None of these characters are undercover . They all stuck out like a sore thumb. It’s like one giant bad Halloween costume party. The story of Captain Cold killing off Heatwave in the previous episode was not resolve but who cares, let’s follow the trail of Savage. And at the end of last night episode, they left Ray,Kendra and Sara back in 1958. Hence we got our next episode titled Left Behind. I’m guessing the episode after would be titled Disbanded. At this rate Rip Hunter looks more like a snake oil sales rep than a Time Master who possess an ounce of intelligence. I have a feeling he would use affluenza as an excuse if a couple more of the team mates died due to his incompetence. The structure of the story is there, the series need to end the story of Vandal Savage and give us a fearsome villain, he did not come off the screen as the fear monster that he is in the comic books. Maybe the show runner should hire writers from Downton Abbey who can handle multiple characters story lines and individual character development within the time frame allow. Enough of my rant. Have a look at the preview for the next episode. What do you think of last night episode or the show so far? Sound off in the comment section.

UPDATE: All three CW’s DC Universe television series, Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow are renewed.

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