Legends of Tomorrow 01X03 Blood Ties Recap. Spoiler Alert!

In the beginning of the series Rip Hunter and his Team of Legends went to 1975 to take out Vandal Savage. Many fans were questioning why not go all way to the ancient Egypt era? This week episode has the answer. Rip Hunter did indeed travel to that time line but unable to finish the job. This is his second opportunity. Both Sara and he came up with a plan to drained his financial resources to weaken his power to expand into the future. Turn out Savage needed Hawkman’s dead body for his blood in a ritual to gained strength. His blood could extend the lives of his minions by century. While Sara and Hunter are pursuing lead to find Savage. The other Legends were busy on their own little projects. Hawkgirl was dying because fragments of the knife that Savage stabbed her with are cruising in her blood stream towards her heart. Professor Stein mentoring Atom to chase down and zap off those fragments in time to save Hawkgirl. While Jax was task with fixing the Waverider. Leonard Snart managed to steal a key to one of the jump ship from Hunter. Mike Rory and he coerced Jax into jumping time line to Central City to carry out a personal mission. Snart wanted to steal a certain emerald for his dad. His dad was jailed because he got caught for stealing that emerald, the unintended consequence of that cause Leonard to kill his own father in an episode of The Flash earlier in the season. He is hoping by stealing the emerald on his dad behalf the tragic history will reverse. Unfortunately Leonard Snart smart genes did not come from his father. Despite the good intention, father Snart still get arrested for trying to sell the emerald.

While Hawkgirl regaining her consciousness from Atom’s mini operation, she visualize Sara and Hunter were in trouble with Savage and his army at Greyhill. He was using that special knife to drain blood from Hawkman, feeding himself and his army before killing Sara and Hunter. Just as Jax, Snart and Rory were returning from their little mission from the future, Dr. Stein had them rendezvous at Greyhill. They show up in time to take down Savage army. Hunter eventually put the knife through Savage killing him temporary. (This allow the show to move on with the plot. As a super villain he is not that compelling of a character.) Team Legends regroup in their ship and heading towards the 80’s where they can catch the newly release Back To The Future next week.

If nothing else this episode drop a lot of easter egg for the viewers who pays detail attention to the DC series.

  • When Rip Hunter travel back in time to face Vandal Savage he was holding the same Staff that Flash and Arrow were using against him that turn him into powder dust.
  • Early in the episodes Rip Hunter was telling his team ” I’ve seen Man of Steel dies and Dark Knight fall”. It seems Hunter’s been around the DC universe a few blocks.
  • During a conversation between Sara and Hunter a wanted poster of an old western legend of Jonah Hex appear on the wall. Jonah Hex is another DC anti-hero character. He too time-travel and have passing relationship with Rip Hunter and his father Booster. Jonah Hex will make an appearance on the show later.
  • That was an ongoing gag with Professor Stein(Victor Garber) character to the movie Titanic. Victor Garber was on the movie for one. During an episode in The Flash, Stein criticize Jax musical taste but Jax retorted if Stein prefer Celine Dion, he got a copy of Titanic somewhere. This week while Atom was in the blood stream of Hawkgirl zapping away the fragments of the knife, Stein made a remark of the fragment being the size of an iceberg and “I doubt you can miss it” he told Atom.
  • Sara is experiencing the same kind of blood lust that is happening to Thea Queen. Both of them were resurrected from Lazarus Pit. Granted Sara has not reach the dire situation as Thea Queen was on Arrow this week, at some point the show will have to address her increasingly out of control blood lust.

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