Left 4 Dead 3 Endless Rumors

Left 4 Dead 3 remains a big mystery at the moment and rumors of a third installment of the aclaimed franchise”Left 4 Dead” have been surfacing online for years now.

The only information known is that Valve is left all by itself for the development as the the original L4D creators Turtle Rock Studios are not engaged on the project. So is there going to be a new game with Turtle Rock out of the development? Why did Turtle Rock Studios left Valve?

Turtle Rock Studios were originally acquired by Valve Corporation during the production of Left 4 Dead, back in 2008. But years later they decided to give up their L4D ownership and return as independent studio striking out on its own, resulting on the launch of Evolve this year, by 2K Games.


As for Left for Dead 3, Valve has never made any official announcement about its development and some rumours suggests it will be using Source 2 Engine that Valve has been working for quite some time and is reportedly working on the development of the much awaited “Half Life 3”.

With the absence of Valve on E3 2015, future of Left 4 Dead 3 seem bleak at the moment. A big disapointment for the fans and gamers, like myself, who have been waiting for long six years, since L4D2 was released in 2009.

Some recent reports suggests that Valve has cancelled the development of Left 4 Dead 3, however, these are merely speculations until Valve formally makes a statement or annoucement. Perhaps now that Evolve is launched, Turtle Rock might return to partner with Valve to deliver L4D3. Let’s hope for the best!

Sound off in the comments if you have been waiting for L4D3 and what are your expectations for the new installment of L4D.


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